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IsoScape Glass Partitions

Meet business needs in the new normal

Frame the future with IsoScape sneeze guards and glass partitions. Integrate customizable portable and permanent glass partitions into offices, restaurants, retail shops, senior living communities, banks, doctors’ offices and more.  Choose IsoScape to keep people safe and keep business moving.  


  • Long-term wellness solution
  • More durable than plexiglass
  • Customizable to suit space constraints
  • Germicide, residue-resistance and anti-graffiti coatings
  • Framed and frameless styles
  • Shatter-proof glass options

Watch IsoScape glass partitions in action below.


Business owners everywhere are looking to get back to business and navigate the new normal together.

They’re innovating to keep people safe and keep the doors open.

The glass and aluminum team at Aldora is here to help everyone get back to business with one less worry.

Introducing IsoScape Glass Partitions, to help businesses like hotels, restaurants and hair salons adapt their landscape to meet current health concerns. 

Don’t rework your entire facility. Instead, integrate a selection of portable panels and countertop sneeze guards designed to fit your space. 

Customizable IsoScape partitions are elegant and more durable than plexiglass. Plus, antimicrobial coatings are available to prevent viral spread.

Get started by uploading snapshots of your space. Our glass experts send you glass options of best-fit IsoScape products based on your space and needs. Make your selections and a pre-approved local glass team will install upon delivery, so you can get back to business with one less worry.

Reframe your future with IsoScape.

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