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Aldora Louisville: Your Trusted Glass and Aluminum Fabricator


How does Aldora’s Louisville branch shorten project lead times?

For 40 years, Aldora experts have been fabricating custom glass and aluminum for Kentucky and surrounding areas. As a local company, we keep products you need to complete your projects in stock. This allows for short lead times, meaning you’ll meet deadlines and stick to budget.

How does Aldora’s Louisville branch improve job site delivery?

Our fabricated, ready-to-install glass and aluminum cuts down on hours of labor that eat into your project’s budget and timeline. By using our own trucks to deliver product directly to your job site –on time and without damage –you have one less worry on your mind.

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Have a project on the horizon requiring glass and metal capabilities?


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We have stocked inventory and shorter lead times for custom orders.

Say goodbye to 16-week lead times. Whether your project requires basic stick, or entirely custom glass and aluminum systems, Aldora ensures shorter lead times. We keep stick-built aluminum and stock doors on-hand so they can be delivered the very next day. In need of custom fabrication? Our sense of urgency and nimble planning allow us to shift priorities and complete most orders within one day to four weeks. Fully custom doors can arrive in as little as five business days from the time you place your order.

Storefront systems that make a statement

Your storefront project requires high-performance, custom-built fabricated glass and aluminum. But don’t settle for stick-built metal that adds countless hours of time and labor to your project. Instead, get ready-to-install glass and aluminum fabricated by Aldora. We take the time to fully understand your project’s specs and client expectations. Your storefront system will arrive on-time and on-budget—designed to your exact needs.

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Heavy-duty doors, completely customized

Your projects need tailored doors that complete their look and meet your quality expectations. Aldora offers aesthetically pleasing, high-performing doors. If your project already has existing openings, Aldora sizes doors to retrofit inside them. And if you need special hinge and lock locations? Just say the word.

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Glass and metal supply, simplified

From huge development projects to single buildings, the Aldora Louisville branch is here to serve you every step of the way throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee

For all your glass and aluminum needs—from highly-custom doors and windows to basic stick-built metal—our commitment, sense of urgency and agile planning allow you to finish your projects faster and more efficient than ever before.