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Make Elegant Indoor-To-Outdoor Connections

Elegant impact French doors leave unforgettable impressions

Blend tasteful and distinguished for a luxurious feel. Aldora’s VistaView custom hurricane impact French doors add a highly unique touch to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces and create a harmonious look for your home. 

Hurricane impact French doors

Beautiful and high performing, our hurricane impact French doors act as a powerful barrier to withstand severe tropical storms with brute-force wind and flying debris, helping keep your home and belongings safe. 

Each impact French door is designed with +/-100 psf, which means they can handle around 100 pounds of pressure per square foot to help keep homes secure during severe storms. High-quality glass glazed in panels up to 120” also let in more natural light to create a natural ambiance without added heat.

Key Features

  • Max Door Size: 96″ x 120″ lets in more light into your home and expands your view 
  • Glazing options: 9/16″ laminated, 1 5/16″ insulated laminated 
  • Built-in three-point locks· +/- 100 psf design pressures to help keep homes secure 
  • Glass Types: low-e coating, tinted glass to keep rooms comfortable and help save energy  

Custom French doors provide tailored luxury

Whether your luxury home is crafted with historical architecture or is an ultra-modern piece of artwork, you can get custom French doors that’ll complement its feel and offer a tailored look. With six door finishes, eight handle options and glass options, you can customize every detail. Imagine a sophisticated set of white luxury French doors with thumb turn handles. Or a grand entrance with American Cherry Mahogany finished doors with eccentric handles. 

Want to customize more? We have in-house powder coating allowing you to create custom finish colors to match your color scheme. 

VistaView Door Finishes & Handles

Low-E, high performance glass

  • French doors balance optimal aesthetics with efficiency in your final glass products. 
  • Welcome copious amounts of natural light without the heat, keeping rooms cool and comfortable 
  • Control interior temperatures and daylight while minimizing solar radiations 


Experience bright atmospheres with a comfortable temperatureProtect spaces from heating up or cooling down, no matter the seasonFrom 30% to 70% transparencySustainable reduce cooling, heating & lighting efforts requiredFrom neutral to blue/grey, match any style

Total support, from beginning to end

Our French doors and the whole line of VistaView doors and windows are crafted right in Coral Springs FL, which means they make it faster from our manufacturing facility to your home. So if you add sliding or entrance doors, a pivot door or casement windows to your order, everything arrives in one delivery. 

And with the VistaView powder coating line, we’re able to perfectly match door colors to your home’s existing look. 

Custom, luxury impact French doors

For specs and more details on our custom, luxury impact French doors, fill in your email in the form below to receive the VistaView French door spec sheet.

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