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Expand Views & Enhance Natural Light

Make a statement with luxurious, impact resistant sliding doors

Extend the lines between indoors and out with luxury glass custom sliding doors from Aldora’s VistaView line, the perfect impactful detail for your home. We provide both standard sizes and our new Slim Line model. High-quality glass glazed in large panels up to 120″ tall creates an unbeatable ambiance of natural light while reducing UV permeation. Looking for custom finish options? Our in-house powder coating will allow you to select your finish color to match your home’s unique look.

High impact sliding doors stay secure in storms

Allowing +80/-105 psf external pressures (pound per square foot), these high impact sliding doors are rated to stand up to storms without damages.

Our sliding doors use low-e glass from Guardian and St. Gobain, which means your sliding doors are crafted with high-quality glass that provides countless benefits to your residential projects.

Our Slim Line sliding doors provide less unobstructed views while still providing the same design pressure as our standard options. They feature a 1¼” sightline, with a front line view of only 1″.

And because these products and the entire line of VistaView windows and doors are crafted in Coral Springs FL, they get delivered fast directly from the manufacturer. So you can include our casement windows, french and entrance doors, or a pivot door in your order and everything comes in the same shipment.

Key features at-a-glance

  • Panel sizes up to 60″ wide and 120″ tall lets in more light and creates stunning views
  • 9/16″ thick glass
  • Non-pocket available
  • Pocket options recede open doors into a wall frame
  • Insulated and single-glazed glass options
  • 2-3 track configurations available
  • Standard Sill Riser 3.5” or Low Sill Riser 1.75”
  • Florida Building Code NOA

Low-E options brighten atmosphere and control temperature

  • Sliding doors keep rooms cool and comfortable.
  • The solution to achieve optimal aesthetics and efficiency in your final glass products.
  • Let in copious amounts of natural light while preventing the heat that usually comes with it.
  • Maximize control of interior temperatures and daylight while minimizing solar radiations.


Experience bright atmospheres with a comfortable temperatureProtect spaces from heating up or cooling down, no matter the seasonFrom 30% to 70% transparencySustainable reduce cooling, heating & lighting efforts requiredFrom neutral to blue/grey, match any style

Custom-made sliding doors provide perfect details

Every luxury home you build is unique, reflecting your client’s personal tastes. A custom luxury glass sliding door in our standard or slim models can complement your project’s feel and completes its look. With three door finishes—including bronze, black and clear anodized—and three handle options, it’s easy to tailor the door’s every detail to perfect-fit your client’s home. Powder coating allows for customizing finish options if you are looking for another color.

VistaView Door Finishes & Handles

Local expertise, fast service, total support

To make your experience smooth and fast, VistaView works with trusted installers, from initial estimates to job site delivery. As a local supplier based in Coral Springs FL, we can help you drastically reduce your lead time by delivering to your site straight from your facility.

From buy-in to dry-in, you get total support. And with the VistaView powder coating line, we’re able to provide complete control throughout manufacturing, from engineering to in-house finishing to glass manufacturing and processing.

Luxury, high impact custom sliding doors

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