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Fire-Safe Glass For Your Next Commercial Construction Project

Glass Corridor in Office Building

While building codes usually dictate fire-rated glass requirements in commercial projects, you can exceed customer expectations, protecting people and property by recommending it for your next build. Aldora’s code-compliant fire-safe glass protects people from heat and smoke and is available in the largest sheet size in the industry (up to 51” x 99”). Our products meet requirements for a wide range of building applications, including windows, door lites and transoms.  

What Are the Two Types of Fire-Rated Glass?

There are two main types of fire-rated glazing: 

  1. Fire-protective helps prevent the spread of flames and smoke by compartmentalizing buildings
  2. Fire-resistant adds more protection by blocking the transfer of radiant and conductive heat

Fire ratings for glass range in duration from 20 minutes to three hours. The number indicates the result of testing done by independent laboratories, like Underwriters Laboratories (UL). These tests determine how long the material should stay in place and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Labels clearly indicate ratings for each product.

Fire-Rated Glass

For example, Aldora uses Pyran® Platinum F fire-rated glass that is UL-listed. This glass can withstand impact, as well as heat and thermal shock up to 90 minutes in windows and up to 180 minutes in doors, earning it a UL 10C rating.

Enhance Safety and Protection with Fire Safe Glass

Industry ratings help designers and contractors choose the right products for each project. Check local building codes, which may have more stringent ratings than industry norms. Fire ratings are based on the lowest-rated part of a system.

For example, if local code requires a fire rating of 60 minutes, both the frame and glass must have that rating. Fire-safe glass used within walls can have a lower rating than the rest of the walls if they don’t exceed 25% of the total area.

Versatile Applications and Aesthetic Options

Fire-safe glass can be used in most places to allow for unobstructed views. Glazing advances mean fire-rated glass can be clear and colorless to meet aesthetic standards.

Fire-Safe Glass in Office Building

PYRAN Platinum F glass is the world’s first and only floated-glass ceramic developed specifically for architectural applications. It was also produced without the hazardous heavy metals antimony and arsenic.

Elevating Safety and Compliance with Fire-Rated Glass

When you need fire-rated glass, Aldora’s skilled fabricators are ready to provide the best fit. Contact our experts today to quote your upcoming project.

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