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Glass Railings

Glass Railings Put Strong, Safe Solutions in Your Grasp

With changing building codes and new construction creating a strong push for glass railings in condos, hotels and other construction projects, many architects, contractors and other construction professionals find themselves in need of glass handrail expertise.

The glass experts at Aldora have years of experience in glass handrails, as well as both heavy tempered and laminated glass. As a fabricator of both laminated and tempered glass projects, we can help you to see a clear path to creating code-compliant and attractive interior and exterior glass railings. Applications include commercial, residential and hospitality interiors and exterior balconies.

Staircase with glass railings in a residential setting with kitchen and living room in background.
Aldora tempered glass acts as a railing on a staircase leading to a sitting room. White curtains line the windows, white chairs sit around a dining table and a white fireplace is beyond the table.

Glass Handrail Types

Aldora offers a variety of all glass railing, allowing you to select the look that best complements the building’s design:

  • Post style: Posts are anchored to the floor to provide maximum stability while both holding and framing the glass panels.
  • Clip style: Glass held in place via strong, specialized clips.
  • Bottom base: Glass panels are gripped from the bottom using high-strength clamps that result in an invisible frameless appearance.
  • Top cap style: Top cap rails place a metal overlay on the top of each glass panel.

Glass Railing Hardware Options

Aldora uses only UL-tested hardware and bases from top hardware manufacturers. By working our trusted suppliers, we’re able to provide products on the cutting edge of style and safety that’s been tested and verified by a third party.

Upward view on laminated glass railing

Glass Railing Ordering Considerations

While our glass specialists are happy to provide our expertise to match your needs with the right products, coming to us with a list of requirements makes speeds up the ordering process.

Considerations include:

  • County and state code requirements: Some local governments require laminated glass, while others require tempered and consider laminated glass a railing option. Find your specific location building codes by using a website search engine to find county and state building codes. Exterior requirements are found in Division 8, interior is located in Division 10.
  • Necessary railing base type: Bases may be dependent on building codes or the design style that best suits your project.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design considerations: Your product may need to comply with disability requirements.
  • Architectural drawings: Although these aren’t necessary, railing drawings always help ensure that fast and efficient pricing.
  • Required finish: Provide corner styling and the number of drops and falls on stair railings. 
  • Tempered or laminated glass: Having this information will help us create the proper glass thickness.

Aldora’s glass railings combine code compliance with appealing appearances. Our team will help you determine the style and hardware to complete your next railing project. Get started by filling in the quick form below.

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