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RapidGlaze: Pre-Glaze Storefront Solution

Glass glazing and installation

Done and Delivered

Beat the build cycle crunch by shaving weeks from storefront glazing projects with RapidGlaze. From Buy-in to Dry-in, Aldora’s revolutionary factory glazing process accelerates the build cycle and delivers higher quality storefronts compared to traditional field glazing. Use RapidGlaze and consider your next standard or impact storefront done and delivered.

Modern concrete and glass large commercial building, stone balcony, glass curtain wall, RapidGlaze windows by Aldora.
Side view of a grocery storefront
One Process. Multiple Benefits.

Storefront Glazing Benefits

From owner to architect and general contractor to glazier, all stakeholders benefit from RapidGlaze glass glazing projects.

Building Owner & Architects

  • No water intrusion
  • Wet seal system
  • Compete, controlled delivieries

General Contractor

  • Less job site traffic
  • No loose glass transported on job site
  • No forklift needed


  • Reduced vehicle trips
  • Less labor required
  • No shop assembly supervision
  • No capital equipment needed
  • Greater accuracy

All Groups

  • Manufactured to Aldora specs
  • Glazed in a a controlled factory environment
  • Single handling for reduced glass damage
  • Faster glass installation
  • Improved quality
  • Quicker dry-in
How it works

3-Step Pre-Glaze Process

1. Pre-Glazing

Storefront and window pre-glazing have provided proven quality, speed and labor reduction time and time again. Each piece is factory-assembled to the manufacturer’s specifications and glazed in a controlled environment. Plus, the wet seal system helps owners rest easy that future leaks won’t be an issue.

2. Jobsite Delivery and
Moffett Offloading

Traditional finished unit delivery requires significant manpower to offload products. Aldora’s moffett-equipped trucks efficiently offload pallets of product with ease while also staging materials in front of openings.

3. Easy Pre-Glaze Product Positioning

Reduce material handling, damage and safety risks by easily positioning glass with an optional glass lifter. If selected, the all-terrain lifter can carry glass panels with ease. The operator drives the panel to the opening and positions it for installation. Talk with the Aldora team to determine if the size and weight of your next Rapid Glaze project are well-suited for the all-terrain glass lifter.

Pre-Glaze Build Cycle Savings

10-12 days saved with the RapidGlaze Process

Traditional Process vs. RapidGlaze Comparison

Order Material

Receive Framing Material

Receive Pre-Glazed Frames

Fabricate Material

Receive Doors

Install Framing

Install Glazed Assemblies

Screw Inspections

Order Glass

Receive Glass

Install Glass

Traditional Process

Week 1: 1 Day

Week 2: 2 Days


Weeks 2-3: 8 Days

Week 3: 1 Day

Week 3-5: 10 Days


Week 5-6: 5 Days

Week 5: 1 Day

Weeks 6-7: 6 Days

Weeks 6-8: 11 Days

RapidGlaze Process

Week 1: 1 Day


Week 3: 1 Day


Week 3: 1 Day


Week 4: 3 Days

Week 5: 3 Days




RapidGlaze Timeline Details

Aldora’s 3-step, pre-glaze process creates a potential three-week time savings in critical path management.

Build Week 2-3

Instead of managing material deliveries and fabrication supervision, glaziers are out seeking new projects.

Build Week 4-5

Materials are received week 4, and glass installation begins immediately.
Note: Competitor process ship door frames unassembled and doors unglazed. RapidGlaze customers skip door frame assembly and glass fabrication and go straight to installation.

Week 5

Utilizing the Aldora-provided glass lift glaziers, our RapidGlaze product can be in place almost immediately.

Week 6

Product is dried in. Screw locations are exposed for inspection and interior trades teams move in quickly.

Glass Glazing—Done and Delivered

From Buy-in to Dry-in, Aldora’s revolutionary factory glazing process accelerates the build cycle and delivers higher quality storefront projects versus traditional field glazing. Conquer the skilled labor shortage while also saving critical path time with each step. Put this long-accepted curtain wall standard to work for your next storefront project.

RapidGlaze is now available on all Aldora standard and impact storefront systems.

Planning your next storefront glass installation project?

Deliver bold solutions that benefit all stakeholders by specifying an Aldora storefront system with RapidGlaze. Have specific questions? Aldora’s customer support team is available to walk you through the process and technical details by phone 954-784-6900 or the form below.

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