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Fire-Rated Glass

One Less Worry with Fire-Rated Glass from Aldora

Fire-rated glass from Aldora adheres to TAS standards, giving you peace of mind that your next commercial or residential project will provide your customer with the highest level of safety. Fire-rated glass resists high temperatures and thermal shock, preventing early breakage or glass melting, there by protecting people’s lives.

Aldora’s fully code-compliant fire-rated glass, PYRAN® Platinum F, is able to resist high temperatures and thermal shock up to 180 minutes. Aldora’s fire-rated glass solutions not only protect people and buildings from threats like hot gases, smoke and heat transmission, the UL-listed fire-rated glass solution meets requirements for a wide range of building applications, including windows, door lites, and transoms.

3/16″ PYRAN Platinum F

A basic polished, cost-effective, fire-rated ceramic, this glass has the largest tested dimensions in the market and is the world’s first and only floated-glass ceramic developed specifically for architectural applications. Meet aesthetic standards with a neutral gray tone and no amber tint.

Product Specifications

  • Fire Rating: 20-180 minutes
  • Thickness: 3/16″
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs/sq ft.
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 51″ x 99″

Fire-rated glass supply made simple.

Whether you need fire-rated glass for doors or fire-rated glass for a wall system, Aldora fabricates fire-rated glass from multiple locations. Aldora’s skilled fabricators are ready to review your project and provide best fit fire-safety glass. Connect to our customer service team at Aldora to request a quote or discuss your next project.  Complete the quick form below or call 954.784.6900 to get started.

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