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Fire-Rated Glass

One Less Worry with Fire-Rated Glass from Aldora

Need fire-rated glass for your next project? Aldora provides top-quality fire-rated glass thanks to fire-safety glass certifications from selected glass manufacturers.

SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum F (filmed)

PYRAN Platinum F (3/16”) is the world’s first and only floated glass-ceramic developed especially for architectural uses. Platinum F offers the largest UL-tested sheet size in the industry at 51”X 99”. This safety product can be lightly sandblasted or delivered with surface-applied film without affecting the fire rating. Plus, it is approved for use with any standard frame of the same rating.

90-minute fire rating

  • Designed for doors, transoms, sidelites and windows
  • Hose stream test required
  • Clear, colorless glass

180-minute fire rating

  • Designed for doors
  • Hose stream test required
  • Clear, colorless glass

Pyroguard ®

Pyroguard is a 5/16” (7.2mm) 3-ply laminate with resin-based, fire-resistant interlayer designed to fulfill commercial fire-rated glass needs. Pyroguard allows for user friendly install for non-specialist installers. The glass offers category 1 impact resistance and is designed to crack during a fire allowing the reactive interlayer to form a fire barrier. Aldora stocks Pyroguard in a 62X106” sheets.

20-minute fire rating

  • Designed for wood and metal door vision panels, sidelites, borrowed lites and transoms
  • No hose test required
  • Clear, colorless glass
  • Non-wired appearance


Aldora also provides Vetrotech products for your exacting safety needs. These fire-safety glass products include options that stop flames, smoke and dangerous gases or block heat transfer while compartmentalizing flames. This UL-listed fire protective glass-ceramic complies with TAS standards.

Variable fire rating

  • 20-180-minute fire rating based on the application
  • Hose stream test required
  • Non-wired appearance

With options that stop flames, smoke and dangerous gases or compartmentalize fire and block heat transfer, we can help you select the best-fit Vetrotech product for your project application.

Fire-rated glass supply made simple.

Whether you need fire-rated doors, fire-rated tempered glass, fire-rated wall systems or glass for a custom fire safety application, Aldora’s skilled fabricators are ready to review your project and provide best fit fire-safety glass. Connect to our customer service team at Aldora to request a quote or discuss your next project.  Complete the quick form below or call 954.784.6900 to get started.

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