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Glass Wine Rooms

Achieve Elegance and Preservation with Glass Wine Rooms and Walls 

Custom glass wine rooms are a popular trend in luxury homes. They’re sleek, functional and add dimension and visual appeal to any room. They can also be designed to fit in otherwise unused space, such as under stairs, in a closet or in a corner.  

Aldora offers the glass types and know-how to create unique glass wine cabinets that beautifully showcase a collection while also precisely controlling temperature and humidity to protect the owner’s investment. Our experienced team will help you every step of the way from planning to completion. 

Luxury Glass Wine Room
Glass Wine Display

Choose Durable Features That Also Delight

Dazzle homeowners and guests with a state-of-the-art glass wine room made from quality custom glass and the luxurious accessories you’ve come to expect from Aldora.  

Reliable Temperature Control 

A cooling unit can be added to insulated glass wine cellars, allowing bottles to be stored long-term under the proper conditions. 

Custom Design and Storage Options

Aldora can fabricate custom shapes and sizes of glass wine walls and shelves, as well as do the detail work like holes and notching that are necessary to properly store and display bottles. We offer choices of metal and hardware to satisfy any taste and that will stand the test of time. 

Glass types

  • ¼ inch 
  • 1-inch insulated 

Metal options

  • SMI-45 for ¼ inch glass 
  • SMI-245 for 1-inch insulated glass 

Custom hardware options

  • Residential latch lever and ladder pulls 
  • Finish options: clear, anodized, bronze, black and white 

Door options

  • McKinley – The McKinley door system offers a 3-point latch lever.  
  • Denali – The Denali door system is available with a tubular push and pull bar.  
Custom Glass Wine Room
Frameless Glass Wine Display

Protect and Highlight a Unique Investment 

Create a glass wine room that is as individual as the homeowner. Glass is the clear choice to showcase a wine collection while taking up minimal space.  

Count on Precision for Proper Preservation

While aesthetics are important, precision when building a glass-enclosed wine room is necessary to protect the collection. Our experts can fabricate custom glass panels and help determine what other components, like insulation or seals may be needed to maintain proper temperature and humidity. Choosing sturdy wine racking is also important to securely keep bottles in a horizontal position to prevent corks from drying out.   

We Make It Easy to Design and Build Glass Wine Rooms 

Aldora has the experts and state-of-the-art equipment to help you create custom glass wine rooms that will impress homeowners and protect their investments for years to come. We’re ready to help when you need a quote or want to discuss options.  


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