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Laminated Glass

Work with Leading Laminated Glass Supplier—Aldora

Protect buildings from brut hurricane winds and provide security in skylights, storefronts and towering windows with laminated safety glass. Unlike standard glass products, laminated glass has an inner layer, polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), that’s used to bond two layers of glass together. The resin inner layer resists shattering and prevents sharp glass shards. Aldora provides annealed or heat-strengthened laminated products and runs two autoclaves and laminated lines to help maximize laminated glass production.

Aldora laminated glass windows are seen on the exterior of a building that has wood paneled walls, a porch with a glass railing and a wood slated porch roof.


UVEKOL Glass is one of the strongest laminated safety glasses Aldora offers. High levels of strength including bullet-resistant Level II are achieved through multiple layer lamination. 


  • Size and dimension:
    • Panel Dimensions: 4’ x 6’ maximum
    • Clear Interlayer: .100 and .120
    • Thinner interlayers available for decorative products
  • Decorative and pattern glass:
    • Every type, fills uneven surfaces
  • Limitations:
    • Must have one clear side
    • Solex over Solex not recommended
    • Not tested with other major aluminum suppliers, limiting usage in some areas
    • Recommended for use only in framing systems where glass is captured
    • Only neutral-cure silicone should be used. Contact the Aldora team for acceptable sealants
  • Bullet resistance:
    • Tested for Bullet resistance and has achieved a Level II performance
    • Level II performance defined in table below
Graph showing the levels of UVEKOL Aldora glass bullet resistance.

PVB and SG Laminated Glass

SentryGuard Interlayer (SG) and Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) combines two or more lites of glass along with heat and pressure to create laminated safety glass.

  • Interlayer thicknesses:
    •  From .030 to .090
  • Interlayer tint:
  • Max Dimensions:
    • 96” x 166”
  • Specialty Glass: 
    • Patterned Glass—Pattern 62 Only
    • Back Painted Glass—Can not be laminated to paint
  • Multilayers:
    • 3 layers of ½”
    • 3 layers of 3/8”
    •  Annealed
  • Polishing:
    • Tolerance is 1/8”, 110” max vertical
  • Holes and notches:
    • Holes and notches in laminated glass are typically used for railings or decorative panels.
    • Hole tolerance is 1/8”.  
Multi-level orange building with grey outsets and stone accents, FS-300 Impact front set double panel   windows with aluminum framing by Aldora, grid curtain wall windows in stone accent section of building

Aldora—Your Laminated Glass Supplier

Protecting your protective glass products. At Aldora we take care to deliver quality laminated glass. All Aldora laminated glass has job site delivery available. Job site delivery is completed with racks and our flatbed trucks are outfitted with moffett capabilities. Plus, all Aldora laminated glass products carry a 5-year warranty.

Laminated glass supply made simple.

Aldora is a laminated glass supplier with the equipment and experience to help you create safe, strong glass products for your projects. Our educated team is available to review your project and provide recommendations on the performance level, tint and type of laminated glass best suited to your application. Complete the quick form below to connect with our customer service team about your next project.

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