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Glass Sneeze Guards: Laminated VS. Tempered Glass Performance

Are your tempered glass partitions prone to injury risk?

As businesses everywhere navigate the new normal, glass sneeze guards have been installed to keep people safe and healthy, working as a protective barrier against germs. Glass sneeze guards and partitions are the superior option. Compared to plexiglass, glass makes for a longer lasting, more durable and aesthetically pleasing sneeze guard or partition.

The type of glass that is used is extremely important. Compared to tempered glass, that can easily shatter from an external force, laminated glass is designed to be shatter-proof, protecting you and your customers from dangerous shattering and glass fragments.

Watch Tempered vs. Laminated Glass Performance

Watch this video to see the difference between tempered glass and safer, shatter-resistant laminated:

Shatter-Proof Laminated Glass Partitions

Laminated glass is able to withstand external force without shattering, making it ideal for a number of applications – especially eye-level glass partitions and sneeze guards. Aldora offers permanent and portable laminated glass partitions all of which carry a 5-year warranty.

Laminated Glass Benefits

  • Extra durable
  • Easy to move for space versatility
  • Known for acoustic performance
    • Makes noisy offices spaces and restaurants quieter
    • Earns a STC value of 35 (compared to standard glass value of 31)

Laminated Glass Sneeze Guard Sizes

  • IsoScape laminated glass panels do not exceed 48″ wide or 40″ tall.

Questions About IsoScape Glass Partitions?

An Aldora team member is ready to review your glass sneeze guard needs and offer ideas to streamline the process. Get back to business with one less worry. Call 954-807-4155 with questions.

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