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Aldora Glass Expert Shares Trends in Hurricane Resistant Glazing

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Aldora Glass Expert Shares Trends in Hurricane Resistant Glazing

Aldora’s own outside sales representative Tim Greeson was featured in an article in the June 2020 edition of US Glass Magazine. In the story, “Weathering the Storm: Hurricane-Resistant Glazing System Trends,” he was able to share his expertise on current storefront glass needs.

As a member of the Aldora team, Greeson has a background in storefront hurricane resistant glass systems. He discussed how many manufacturers only offer certain sizes of glass lites with low-E coatings, and how each new size presents challenges that have to be met with both specialized expertise and experience like the kind Aldora provides.

The benefits of hurricane resistant glass expertise

Aldora’s hurricane resistant glass storefront systems are both built to code and feature the customization options that allows businesses to meet their design needs. With options like adjustable glazing pockets and a patent-pending seamless mullion design, Aldora is able to offer higher design pressures, increased panel sizes and easier assembly than other products on the market.

Systems that withstand high winds, yet will blow you away

Aldora’s impact glass storefronts include:

Angled ground view of commercial impact glass systems with aluminum trim, beige and rust colored concrete construction, SMI-175 Impact Storefront System windows by Aldora

We also manufacture factory pre-glazed commercial glass inswing and outswing impact doors with larger panel sizes, water resistance and higher design pressures.

Low-E coating creates great looks and savings

Greeson noted requests for Low-E coating, which as of 2017 made up 50% of window sales in commercial US buildings. This number will likely continue to grow, as low-E can:

Saving time and money

Another growing trend in hurricane resistant glazing is the used of pre-glazed systems. Storefronts, doors and fixed windows are assembled and glazed in a controlled environment, and pre-glazed products are sent to the job site ready for installing.

By performing these processes ahead of time, glaziers are able to solve a variety of challenges, including overcrowded jobsites, field labor shortages and site security needs. Further information can be found in our free Pre-Glaze Guide.

Ready to help

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