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Brighten Up High-End Homes with Code-Compliant Glass Railings

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A safe solution, no matter the application

Glass railings offer a safe, yet attractive, solution for a variety of residential applications, both interior and exterior. The list of benefits that glass railings have to offer is endless, and the wide variety of styles available have caught the attention of architects to bring natural light and an open, modern look to homes. Glass railings are an industry trend you don’t want to miss out on. But when it comes to installation, meeting building codes and requirements is not something that should be overlooked. Are the glass railings you’re installing up to code?

Hot glass trends: interior & exterior glass railings

Are glass railings code compliant?

Don’t let code changes derail your project. International Building Code (IBC) language specifies that glass used for handrails and guards is required to be laminated glass constructed of full tempered or heath strengthened glass when there is a walking surface below, which occurs in over 90% of glass railing projects. Tempered monolithic glass may be used when there is not a walking surface below or glass breakage is mitigated by another method. All glass used for railings must comply with ANSI z97.1.  When planning glass railing projects, it’s also important to know code requirements of the county and/or state of which your railing is being installed in. Glass railings from Aldora are always code compliant and created to suit your project’s needs.

Are glass railings safe?

There are many reasons that making glass railings a very safe solution. Glass Railings don’t lose their structural integrity, and compared to wooden railings, there’s no fear of rot or decay over time. No matter which style of glass railing you choose, the installation process is incredibly safe, and the clamp, clips or overlay used unsure a strong connection. The glass used in glass railings is a safety glass, at least two times and up to four times stronger than monolithic annealed glass depending on the heat treatment. At Aldora, we ensure that we only use hardware and bases that have been UL-tested. Our glass is tested for safety regulations in-house, so we are able to provide our customers products that are on the cutting edge of both style and safety.

Do glass railings add visual appeal?

Absolutely. If you’re looking to add an element of unique visual appeal to your project, a glass railing is the product for you. Internal and exterior glass railings are becoming a more popular, modern railing choice. Glass railings add natural light and openness to any room. Building in a scenic area? Exterior glass railings allow you to preserve the natural beauty of the space surrounding your project, while also protecting it from the wind. Include a glass railing in your project to make the space feel bigger, more modern, and even more luxurious.

What are the different glass railing applications?

Glass railings can be built for a variety of applications, including commercial, residential and hospitality, both interior and exterior. Interior glass railings can add elegance to homes and natural light and openness to hotel lobbies. Exterior railings can add uniqueness and a strong visual impact, and are commonly used on decks, terraces and balconies. The applications truly are endless. At Aldora, our wide range of capabilities allows us to cater to all. Our custom railings are built with glass that suits our customer’s needs and meets project specifications.

How do I choose a glass railing style?

When it comes to glass railing styles, you have options. Choose from a variety of styles to select the look that best compliments your project’s design. Whether you’re going for a more industrial appearance or a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, glass railing’s versatile designs will allow you to achieve the look you are envisioning. At Aldora, we offer a variety of styles, each with unique benefits and adaptable designs.
Post style glass railings offer maximum stability
Clip style railings use strong, specialized clips to keep glass safely in place.
Bottom base railings use high-strength clamps at the bottom of the glass to achieve a frameless appearance.
Top Cap Style use a metal overlay on the top of each glass panel, creating a more modern, industrial look.

Complete your next project with a glass railing from Aldora

We are committed to making your projects cost effective and completed by deadlines.

Providing our customers with a clean, quality product is our top priority. We have our own laminating lines and auto glaze machinery, which allows us to produce an outstanding glass railing product. Not only does this machinery improve aesthetics by enhancing edge work and creating a solid finished look, it also helps improve lead times and ensures product consistency.

When it comes to glass railing hardware, we source hardware that fits your style requirements and specific needs. Our hardware is third-party verified from trusted suppliers. This allows us to streamline customer’s glass railing supplies and make installation a breeze.

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Glass railing ordering considerations

Thinking of placing a glass railing order? Our team is standing by, ready to help turn your concept into completion. There are a couple of key pieces of information that will help our glass specialists speed up the ordering process and match your needs with the perfect product.

Knowing your project’s requirements ensures fast and efficient pricing.

Custom glass railing solutions

If you’re looking to add a glass railing to your next project, count on the experts from Aldora to prepare you a quote that’s based on your specific project specs. Contact us today to get started by calling 954-573-1469 or filling out the form below and our team will get back to you shortly.

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