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Aldora Meets High Demand for Weather-Proof Windows & Enhanced Views

Home with fs 300 maximum view windows

Large windows are a hot trend in high-end residential construction. It’s not just the big openings that are impressive, the high-performance qualities are not to be forgotten. Aldora’s impact windows, such as the FS-300 Maximum View, are hurricane-resistant and easier to assemble than any competing product.

Especially in coastal regions, homeowners are looking for quality weather-proof windows that offer an uninterrupted view without losing important performance features. Large windows must not only offer style, extending the design and beauty of each home’s unique architecture, but also key weather-proof window properties like hurricane resistance.


If you’re looking for bigger, stronger, simpler, turn to the leader in hurricane-resistance glass that provides a refined view. Say goodbye to mullions disrupting views. Say hello to the FS-300 Maximum View Mullion-Free Impact Glass System. Aldora’s solution to the hottest trend and current high-end residential must-have. With a sleek, seam-to-seam glass design, this product eliminates the need for mullions and provides homeowners with the endless view they desire.

Aside from providing natural light and stunning views, FS-300 Maximum View storefronts and windows have higher design pressures and larger panel sizes than any competing product on the market. Customization options are readily availably, as an unlimited number of inline windows/panels can be combined to cover or fill an entire opening regardless of size. The glass panels can be butted together at maximum sizes of 5′ x 10′ at any degree angle. These features make the window systems hurricane-resistant while enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor.

FS 300 Maxi View Windows

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Homeowners are seeking out windows that look great, work great and last a long time without a lot of upkeep. Expectations are high, windows must mitigate weather and sound intrusion while providing residents an expanded, often panoramic, view. Aldora’s team of impact glass experts are here to make sure your clients are happy, and reap the benefits of large, high-performance window openings like the FS-300 Maximum View.

An abundance of natural light

The larger the window opening, the better access the space will have to natural daylight. This flow of natural light into the space not only looks great but provides homeowners with many benefits. Better natural lighting helps homes reduce their lighting loads and ultimately utility bills. Electrical lighting systems account for 10% of total energy use in a home, reducing lighting can provide homeowners with valuable savings month after month.

Southern summers on the coast can really heat up, and Aldora has a solution to ensuring large window openings don’t cause excess heat in homes. Tints on the exterior side of the glass is a feature that will keep your home color and reduce costs of air conditioning, providing even more valuable savings.

With Aldora’s FS-300 Maximum View windows, you’re not only providing your clients with a look they’ll love, you’re providing them with long lasting savings with the reduction of utility and energy bills and less window replacements overtime.


Refine views with one less worry. The FS-300 Maximum View’s unique features protect stunning shoreline views from coastal storms. Whether you are an architect in the designing stages of a home, or a contractor searching for materials for your upcoming build, FS-300 Maximum View windows from Aldora provide unique solutions.

FS 300 Maxi View Commercial Application

Aldora impact glass and aluminum systems, including the FS-300 Maximum View, meet rigorous Miami-Dade and Florida building code standards. Compared to traditional butt-glazed systems, Aldora impact windows and storefronts can be factory pre-glazed, which offers high-quality sealing, project timeline optimization, and easier assembly and installation.

With residential design and commercial construction comes unique needs and individualized plans. Aldora offers impact window customization options to meet design requirements.

Our team has the experience needed to provide trustworthy, weather-proof window systems for large openings in coastline homes.Interested in learning more about the benefits of large windows, or planning on integrating them into your next design or construction project? Contact an Aldora glass expert today.

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