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Why Level E Impact Doors?

Full view of Level E Impact door on brick office building.

Meet Essential Resistance Standards

Your projects deserve the best protection. When it comes to serious weather and aggressive storms, there’s a level of impact that will give you peace of mind and one less worry. Aldora’s Level E impact products are tested to withstand the highest of impact forces.

Hurricane damage is costly. In fact, 2020 was the seventh most expensive hurricane season in history, with a total aggregate cost of almost $47 billion. To eliminate risk and protect your projects and people, it’s imperative to have quality products on buildings to ensure they meet codes, especially Risk Category IV buildings. With level E impact doors, you’ll have one less worry knowing your buildings have windows and doors built with withstand strong storms.

Most impact products are manufactured with Level D impact. What’s the difference between Level D and Level E? Level D impact consists of a 9 pound 2” x 4” shot from an air cannon at 50 feet per second. Level E impact is designed to be able to withstand higher impact forces. To pass testing and defy breakage, Level E glass is shot with a 9 pound 2” x 4” at 80 ft. per second.

Category IV Buildings Require Level E

Risk Category IV buildings (such as hospitals, government buildings, fire/rescue/police, communication centers, power stations and hurricane shelters) require impact doors and storefronts with missile Level E hurricane protection.

While Level E visually appears similar to a traditional impact product, the performance qualities are different, and much improved. It’s important that those with essential facility projects are ensuring they’re building to standards, with Level E impact resistance.

Aldora Storefronts & Impact Doors Meet Level E Requirements

Level E impact products by Aldora provide the best protection against windborne debris and hurricane force wind loads.

You can trust Aldora’s Level E impact commercial products. With glazing components that are designed to withstand higher impact forces, plus heavy-duty laminated glass compositions, these impact doors and storefronts are manufactured to last, providing peace of mind when it comes to product performance for years to come.

Have an upcoming Category IV building project? Work with our team to get a quote on Level E impact storefronts and doors today.

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