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Five Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Glass Wine Cellar

Custom glass wine cellars are a hot trend right now. Designing one seems simple because of the minimal number of materials involved, but precision is important to ensure structural integrity and to properly preserve the wine collection. Here are five things to think about when designing a glass-enclosed wine cellar.  

Custom glass wine cellar

1. Location and size of the custom glass wine cellar 

If you’re designing a custom glass wine room, you may already have a space in mind: an oddly-shaped or unused space, like a custom under-stairs wine cellar. Or maybe you want to design an entire glass wine wall to make it the focal point of a room. Whatever location you have in mind, you should think about how much direct sunlight the space gets. While the cost of materials and maintenance may increase based on the size of the space and possible cooling needs, let your imagination run wild and consider all the options.  

2. Size of the wine collection

Custom Glass Wine Room

When thinking about the best space in the home for a custom glass wine cellar, you should also consider the size of the wine collection. If you weren’t limited by space, how many bottles would be ideal to display? If you are designing for a burgeoning wine collector, allow room to grow as well as space to comfortably maneuver inside. Don’t risk designing the wine room to be too small to house the collection and the collector.  

3. Type of wine rack

With a defined idea of the size of the all-glass wine cellar, you can decide what type of wine rack to use inside. There are many types of racks to choose from, including wall-mounted or floating racks which highlight the bottles themselves. Pegs or pins can make a bolder statement depending on their diameter. In addition to configuration, there is also a variety of materials to choose from. Wood, metal and acrylic are all viable options, for a glass-enclosed wine room. 

Glass Wine Rack Display

4. Hardware and finishes

When drawing up the design for a custom glass wine cellar, don’t leave out the final details: the hardware and finishes. Should most of the design be clear like the glass? Or would you prefer bold black or white finishes that stand out? Think of hardware like a bow on a gift. The look and feel of handles, latch levers, ladder pulls and hinges can turn a plain-looking design into something spectacular. Or, on the flip side, they can complete a minimalistic look that highlights the diversity of the wine collection that is being stored and displayed.  

5. Temperature and humidity control

Last but not least for a glass-enclosed wine room is the importance of installing the proper cooling and sealing options to control temperature and humidity. Even when insulated, glass, on its own, is not the best thermal insulator. Glass wine rooms often require larger cooling units than other spaces of the same size. Taking this into consideration, you should work with glass and electrical experts to ensure the investment in the cellar and the collection doesn’t evaporate.  

Custom glass wine room

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Knowing there are a lot of considerations when designing a custom glass wine cellar, let a glass fabrication company like Aldora worry about the details, so you don’t have to. We have the experts and state-of-the-art equipment to create a stunning and durable custom glass wine room. Contact us today.  


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