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Our Certifications

Pilkington logo

Pilkington Certification

Pilkington OptiShower™ glass, available from Aldora, is the best shower glass coating on the market for timeless clarity and functional integrity. Pilkington stands by its commitment to high-performance glass and glazing solutions across a variety of industries.


tci logo

TCI Powder Coating

Aldora offers premium TCI Powder Coating for your residential fabrication projects. With a variety of colors and finishes, TCI and Aldora are committed to developing, manufacturing, and marketing coatings of the highest quality. Learn more about Aldora’s power coating options in AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605.

vitro logo

Vitro Architectural Glass

Solarban ® 70 glass by Vitro brilliantly combines the clear appearance of transparent, color-neutral glass with an exceptional combination of solar control and visible light transmittance. Aldora is certified to offer Solarban glass to meet performance and design needs for any project type. Learn more about Solarban ® 70.


UL Certification: Fire-rated Glass

Aldora offers UL-certified fire-rated glass products by both SCHOTT and VetroTech. Visit our glass types section to learn more about Aldora's complete fire-rated glass capabilities.


Guardian Glass Logo Mark

Guardian Sun Guard Certification

Comprehensive Low-E coatings for advanced architectural glass. Aldora is certified in the full range of Sun Guard products to both performance and design needs for your building envelope and glass fabrication projects.

National Accreditation Management Institute Certification

NAMI offers a variety of quality assurance services for the U.S. building industry. The Institute focuses on building envelope and fenestration products. Aldora partners with NAMI for product inspection and certification where necessary. Find Aldora in the NAMI directory.

Insulating Glass Certification Council Logo Mark

Insulating Glass Council Certification (IGCC)

All insulated glass products from Aldora meet IGCC standards. The safety council ensures all insulated glass products are tested and safe for both commercial and consumer use. All approved products undergo a five-step certification process prior to approval.  A complete list of IGCC-certified products is available in the IGCC directory.


Safety Glazing Council Logo Mark

Safety Glazing Council Certification (SGCC)

Non-profit SGCC manages the safety of glazing products to benefit all consumers. The SGCC facilitates certifications in accordance with the ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16 CFR 1201 and CAN/CGSB 12.1 specifications. Get the complete list of SGCC glass products.

St. Gobain Logo Mark

St. Gobain Glass Certification

St. Gobain's leading sun control products prevent excessive heat build-up inside buildings during warm weather by blocking up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat, while still providing natural light transmission. Aldora is an authorized provider of Double Silver Solar Control and Triple Silver Control Xtreme products.

Florida DBPR Product Approval

Aldora's architectural and commercial glass door, storefront, and all glass systems carry Florida building code approval. Product approvals are available on individual product drawings. Visit product details pages to download product drawings, or visit the Florida Building Code website for additional details.

Miami-Dade County Logo Mark

Miami Dade Building Code Product Approval

Aldora seeks the highest level of building code approval for its impact glass storefronts, commercial doors and fixed windows. Miami-Dade County's rigorous hurricane building regulations set the standard from building impact products across the country.