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Get Custom Beveled Mirrors Within Five Days

Keep your projects smoothly moving along and stay on-time and in-budget. Whether feeling the effects of stock size supply issues or a labor shortage, you can get custom beveled mirrors within five days of your order. With a beveler machine in our Aldora Charleston location that produces custom mirrors with multiple edge polishing types, you get top-quality work at top speed.

Say goodbye to long lead times for custom glass mirrors

One bottleneck, even one as small as unarrived beveled edge mirrors, throws your whole project behind. And that leads to unhappy customers and more headaches for you.

Because we distribute throughout the Southeast, including Charleston, Atlanta, Orlando and Jacksonville, you don’t have to wait with us. Our beveled glass mirror program results in cost savings, less waste and the fastest turnaround time possible.

Commercial and residential custom cut mirrors

Small beveled bathroom mirrors? Large beveled wall mirrors? Decorative beveled full-length mirrors? Our custom mirrors are cut precisely to size—the first time.

They’re perfect for:

  • Single or multi-unit residential building construction
  • Commercial building construction and renovation
  • Customized high-volume beveled mirrors for products

Why Aldora’s custom beveled mirrors?

Because you don’t have time for simple mistakes. Your new or beveled glass replacement orders need to be cut to your exact specs and arrive on time, the first time. No matter your scope or specs, with Aldora you get what you need, when you need it.

Fabricating and finishing capabilities

Every order is inspected, washed and cleaned, plus wrapped and sealed, for distribution. You can request custom options, such as fabricating straight-line shapes and sizes. We offer the maximum largest fabricated dimension (not to exceed 120”) and water jetting and fabrication with CNC cut-outs.

  • ½” mirror cut to size: flat polish, pencil polish or bevel
  • Minimum mirror size: 10” x 10”
  • Bevel measurements: 3/8”-1¾”

Standard Lead Times – Built For Speed

Next Day Delivery¼” mirror cut-to-size (if order is placed by 11 a.m.)
4-day TurnaroundFlat polish
Pencil polish
Bevel <1”
Bevel 1”-1 ½”
Bevel 1 ½”-1 ¾”

Questions on our custom glass mirror fabrication from the Charleston branch?

If you’re interested in working together or want more info on our custom beveled mirrors or our five-day turnaround time, contact us today.

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