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Glass vs. Plexiglass

With the sudden need for personal protection equipment in workplaces and office spaces, you may be left feeling overwhelmed. From countertop sneeze guards to glass office partitions and wall dividers, there’s a variety of products to choose from, all at different price points and quality levels. One of the first decisions you may have to make is choosing between glass and plexiglass products. When considering the benefits of glass vs. plexiglass sneeze guards and partitions, glass often comes out on top as a more affordable, better quality product.

Aldora Glass After Multiple Cleanings
Aldora Glass Partitions months after installations and many cleanings later.
Plexiglass Partitions months after installations and many cleanings later.

Long-term glass vs short-term plexiglass:

Shortly after installation and after multiple cleanings of the surface, plexiglass will start to loose its shine while glass will remain clear. Plexiglass starts to cloud and take on a yellow tint.

Glass partitions come with an array of benefits that you will not get with plexiglass products, including longevity and durability. Deciding to install personal protective equipment is the first step to protecting your people. Choosing a material for optimal durability, cleaning and maintenance is the second and most crucial step to ensure the product’s efficiency and effectiveness. Eliminate the cost of future replacements and utilize glass instead of less-reliable plexiglass.

Maintenance: How do I clean sneeze guards?

Can I disinfect plexiglass sneeze guards?

Plexiglass is a sensitive material; therefore, cleaning it is a complicated, multistep process. Common ammonia-based cleaning products, like glass and window cleaners and multipurpose cleaners, will cloud plexiglass over time. Common disinfectant cleaning products are not suitable for maintaining plexiglass guards and partitions.

To maintain plexiglass, you have to purchase a special nonabrasive acrylic cleaner along with special clothes for wipe down. Even wiping down plexiglass with a dry cloth or brushing over it with a bare hand can potentially scratch the material.

Can I disinfect glass sneeze guards?

Yes, you can disinfect glass sneeze guards with common ammonia-based cleaners. Glass keeps its shine and professional look with disinfectant cleaning products you most likely already have on hand. It is also a scratch-resistant material, making upkeep and maintenance easy.

When it comes to weighing the differences of glass vs plexiglass, optional coatings available for glass products are another added benefit to keep top of mind. Glass partitions and sneeze guards not only serve as a barrier to protect people, but most also come with an array of health and cleanliness coatings. Germicide coatings allow for greater germ protection, while anti-graffiti and residue-resistant coatings allow for easier cleaning and maintenance and product longevity.

Are plexiglass partitions sustainable?

Overtime, plexiglass will yellow and turn brittle with scratches. Plexiglass is a short-term solution for keeping your people protected, but will have to be replaced to keep your workspace looking professional. When it’s time to replace plexiglass partitions, you may need to find a dealer near you who will recycle the used plexiglass partitions as many curbside recycling programs do not accept plexiglass.

Are glass partitions sustainable?

Glass partitions are more sustainable, long term-solution and make for trusted counter-top sneeze guards, room dividers and workplace wall panels. Aside from keeping their shine, glass partitions will keep your workplace looking professional for the long run. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.

Hesitant about glass shattering?

Laminated safety glass prevents injury risk as it is designed to be shatter-proof, protecting you and your team.Another bonus of laminated glass is it’s acoustic performance, as it can help make noisy office spaces and restaurants quieter. For a professional look and peace of mind, install sneeze guards and partitions that use laminated safety glass vs.plexiglass panels.

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