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Impact Front Glazed Storefront System

FS-300 Maximum View Front Glazed Storefront

The front glazed storefront the provides a long sought after solution to conventional butt-glazed systems. The FS-300 Maximum View expands on the sleek design of the FS-300 by allowing a seam to seam glass design and eliminating the need for mullions.


  • 1 1/8" x 3 1/2" profile plus 1 1/8 front set
  • Triple 1 3/16 or 15/16 laminated
  • Maximum single panel size of 5" x 10"
  • Design pressures of
  • +/- 70 psf
  • 14 psi water resistance
  • Glass to Glass Butt joints

Options & Add-Ons

  • Can be pre-glazed (Single Panels)
  • Can be field glazed

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Glazing OptionsSGP 1 3/16" or 15/16" Heat Strengthened Triple Lami
Design Loads+70/-70 psf
Water 14 lbs.
Max Panel 60" x 120" Multiple Panel
TAS 201Passed
TAS 202Passed
TAS 203Passed
ANSI Z97Passed

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