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Glass and Metal Fabricator Aldora Charleston Solves Your Pain Points

Glass entrance and storefront by Aldora.

Builders, glaziers, general contractors and architects know well what factors can make or break a project. Hiccups like missing or incorrect materials, a late shipment or a damaged product can cause downtime and ultimately put big dents in your budget and timeline. Aldora’s Charleston branch is a glass and metal fabricator with the right approach for these problems.

How can we help minimize or even prevent them?

The branch has developed a local approach to supplying custom fabricated glass and metal for commercial and residential projects. Its philosophy is simple: local is better. Aldora Charleston’s staff seeks to provide local Glazing Contractors with the right materials and knowhow so they can streamline their operations, and avoid common setbacks in construction.

One of the experts behind this approach is John Satterfield, the branch’s Metal Department Manager. Satterfield delves deep to ensure his team helps builders in the region complete projects seamlessly.  

Charleston’s metal department managed by an industry expert 

A member of the Aldora team with 26 years of experience in the industry, Satterfield provides detailed guidance to our customers. His expertise stems from his experience in the field. He began as an aluminum fabricator at a commercial glazing company. After five years, he transitioned into storefront manufacturing as a lead fabricator and inside sales representative for 10 years. Before his current role, he worked for five years in outside sales for a commercial glass and glazing company.

Satterfield’s passion is to meet customers to discuss their projects. He wants to see them succeed and knows well the solutions in overcoming problems that can get in the way of success.

metal for fabricating

What are the common pain points that hinder construction success?

The building construction is like a lineup of dominoes—when one piece gets knocked down, all the pieces ahead of it also fall. Downtime and rework only lead to higher costs and possibly longer timelines. What are the greatest threats to the process?

While each one of these pain points can significantly derail a project, Satterfield focuses on the last point and how Aldora Charleston aims to collaborate with their customers throughout the building process.  

As a glazier, it has always been important for the aluminum and glass manufacture to stand behind their product…

John Satterfield

“As a glazier, it has always been important for the aluminum and glass manufacture to stand behind their product,” he says. “If something goes wrong on a project, how does the manufacture respond? How long will it take to replace a piece of glass that broke on the truck? How long will it take to replace a piece of metal damaged on site?”

Aldora Charleston offers top-notch customer service in ways that are optimized for local glaziers and builders, helping them alleviate or even prevent these pain points from happening.  

What makes Aldora’s customer service top-notch?

Aldora feels strongly about getting it right the first time, says Satterfield. “As a metal and glass fabricator, we strive for on-time and accurate deliveries.

“We are in the storefront manufacturing business to deliver projects that are built to specification, and if we prefabricated the project, we ensure it is sized and fabricated exactly as the customer ordered.”

This is where a local metal fabricator and glass supplier like Aldora Charleston makes all the difference. The company uses a few strategies to enhance local service. 

aldora storefront

For one, Aldora relies on its own trucks, avoiding the delays that come with third-party shipping companies and common carriers.

Second, the company has forged relationships throughout the region to build a faster supply chain with less hassle. Having a local supplier saves on delivery time and cost, Satterfield adds.  

“We want our customers to succeed, and part of that is helping in any way we can. It starts with great service, and we can build from there.”

Aldora provides custom solutions to common problems

One key solution that Aldora Charleston offers is pre-glazed glass and prefabricated metal. It gets delivered on-site and is ready for immediate installation.  

“Prefabricated frames are a niche at Charleston,” Satterfield says. “Glaziers rely on these frames so they don’t need extra labor. Aldora does everything in shop, from punching and cutting to assembly, helping customers save time and money.”

Aldora offers pre-glazing for frames for impact-rated projects, he explains. “The customer basically just lifts frame into the hole, does fastening and caulking, and it already contains the glass in it.”

Whether its job-site delivery or assistance with our quality glass or metal products, as a metal fabricator and glass supplier, Aldora has you covered.

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