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Louisville Storefront Fabrication: On Time, Accurate Products

Louisville Storefront and Door Fabrication.

In Louisville, Kentucky, Aldora’s storefront fabrication department is managed by an industry expert. With more than 30 years of experience in the glass business, Dan Sitzberger has the perspective of both a fabrication manager and glazing contractor. Aldora Louisville’s business model is tailored by Sitzberger’s experience, and his understanding of what contractors need from fabricators in order to keep projects moving seamlessly.


At Aldora Louisville, we understand the importance of on-time delivery and accurately fabricated products to ensure projects stay on track of tight timelines and budgets.

“Aldora has a high success rate. We strive to get better every day, and constantly look at different methods and procedures that may allow us to improve our process.” Sitzberger says that always striving to improve ensures Aldora Louisville consistently fabricates more accurate glass and metal products.

Daily routes benefit tight timelines

How does Aldora Louisville ensure timeliness and accuracy? By sending trucks out daily to hand-deliver products to customers’ job sites. Nationwide glass and metal vendors often rely on common carriers, which can take up to two weeks and damage freight along the way. Job site delivery allows Aldora to have total control, “We control when it gets to the customer, how it gets to the customer, and the condition in which it gets to the customers.” Sitzberger says this process gets products to job sites in 1-2 days rather than weeks.

Products built for specific regions

Because Aldora Louisville services customers throughout four different states, it’s crucial to provide a product line with a variety wide enough to withstand different climates and regional situations. From custom doors to prefabricated storefronts, Aldora has the perfect product for your project and region.


Some glass and metal fabricators’ service goes to the extent of order entry. Aldora Louisville goes the extra mile, providing project management assistance and solutions to eliminate common problems that contractors often face. From providing detailed drawings, to professional advice, Sitzberger says Aldora’s Louisville branch brings a whole new point of view to the supply end of the glass business by putting themselves in the contractors’ shoes and offering guidance from quote submittals to product install.


Aldora Louisville glass and metal fabricators are standing by, ready to help you take on your next storefront or entrance door project today. For shorter lead times, timely delivery and more accurate products, you can trust the Louisville team. Give us a call today.

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