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Glass Windows and Doors For Your Next Building Project

Window Wall Systems from Aldora

What Does Commercial Glass Mean?

What do we mean specifically when we talk about commercial glass? Simply, glass made for commercial construction projects is often stronger and available in larger formats than what is used for residential applications. What are some things you should consider as you are selecting glass products for your next commercial project? We’ll explore some of these below, specifically what types of commercial glass are available and how the glazing process impacts the finished product. Do you have design or impact specifications that will influence what strength of glass you choose? We’ve pulled together a guide to understanding the basics of commercial glass to help you choose products for your next project.

Residential vs. Commercial Glass

Ultimately, when we’re talking about the difference between residential and commercial glass, we are talking about the thickness of the glass itself. Just as with residential window and door options, commercial glass comes in a variety of thicknesses and strengths with other customization features. However, across the board, commercial glass is manufactured to be thicker and more durable than residential products. Commercial windows are also larger, allowing for more light to pass through, with wider panels of glass between the frames than residential windows. Regulations and certifications also differ between commercial and residential.

The Commercial Glazing Process

Glass glazing refers to the number of panes included in a panel of glass. The number of panes and they way in which they are installed determine the strength and durability of the glass itself. The major difference in glass glazing for commercial use is just how large the panels of glass are for commercial applications, many times being used as exterior-facing walls, requiring the glazing process to be seamless and leave the finished product able to withstand wear, tear, and impact.

RapidGlaze from Aldora shaves time off your installation process, delivering you top-tier quality at a fraction of the turnaround time. Choosing the right glazing method for your building specs is crucial to getting the right finished product. Talk with a glazing expert at Aldora to match the right specifications to your requirements.

Types of Commercial Glass

Impact Glass

Glass designed and reinforced to withstand direct and indirect impact sustained from brute force, flying objects, or other environmental factors.


Traditional glass not specifically designed to withstand direct impact.


Available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and styles, glass storefronts allow for a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating the external structure of the business, without closing the inside off from light from outdoors. These storefronts are available in impact and nonimpact forms.

Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings

There are a variety of reasons to choose to tint commercial windows, chief of which are privacy and temperature control. You’ll see the energy savings immediately in buildings with significant amounts of tinted glass. Additionally, by applying the tinting film to glass, it acts as a reinforcer so the strength of the glass is ultimately increased. Up to 99.9% of UV rays can be blocked leveraging the tinting film. An added bonus is aesthetics – with windows tinted to match the desired look for the building, tinting increases the look of professionalism in many commercial buildings.

Window Wall System Volvo Interior Frontal View from Aldora
Storefront Systems featuring tinted window wall system of Volvo

How to Choose Commercial Glass Doors

At Aldora, we emphasize our customization options and our team of experts to ensure that you receive exactly what you need for each specific project. However, there are a myriad of fundamental things to consider as well when selecting the commercial glass to install in your next project. In this section we’ll explore a few things to keep in mind as you’re choosing a fabricator and distributor.

Security Glass for Commercial Construction

For many commercial projects, security is a concern for the glass being installed. In these cases, choosing an impact-resistant option, or even a higher grade, security-rated glass may be the best option to maintain the integrity of the structure and the safety of the people inside.

What Type of Glass is Best for Doors and Storefronts?

Estimating the traffic, use, and overall impact that doors will be required to withstand is a good place to start when deciding what to install. For storefronts, location and design specifications will likely dictate your source. Look for fabricators able to meet the environmental and design aspects of your build. If you’re in a hurricane-prone area, make sure you’re selecting the right level of impact protection for your storefront, as well.

Choosing the Right Windows for Commercial Construction

As with all windows, one of the primary reasons there are windows in commercial buildings is to allow in natural light. Windows allow for a good first impression and for many businesses, showcase the products for sale in their best light. Selecting glass for clarity, color, and aesthetics is appropriate considering the role it plays in bringing a design concept to reality.

Common Problems with Commercial Windows

Quality is always a glass concern, and especially when it comes to commercial windows. Breached seals around the frame or condensation between the panels of glass because of compromised sealant are top concerns. If you notice commercial glass becoming foggy, often it indicates that moisture has broken the barrier and has been trapped inside the glass itself.

Form + Function: Windows from Aldora for Commercial

One important thing to consider when choosing a window source for your commercial project is the framing, finishes, and fixtures available. At Aldora, we excel at meeting customers’ exact design specifications, all without compromising on the enduring quality required by commercial building codes. We even provide state-of-the-art impact resistant technology for our clients in the middle of hurricane territory!

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