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Benefits of Custom Powder Coating for Windows and Doors

As an end-to-end glass fabricator, VistaView by Aldora matches clients’ design specifications for their metal window framing, minimizing lead time and exceeding customer expectations, thanks to our powder coating capabilities.

With customers located throughout the Gulf and Atlantic hurricane regions, we understand the difference weather resiliency makes in construction involving metal framing. With our powder-coated frames, customers can rest assured that their windows and doors are ready to stand the test of time. 

What is powder coating?

The final step in metal fabrication, powder coating refers to the process by which metal is painted. The powder coating process creates a durable finished product, resistant to chipping or rusting. An added bonus – powder coating is a significantly more environmentally friendly option than other metal painting methods as there are no harsh chemicals and no toxic waste.

How does powder coating work?

Simply put, paint powder is electrostatically applied to metal in the powder coating process.  Colored powder paint is applied using a spray gun that charges the paint particles with a positive charge, attracting those particles to the metal, causing them to stick. The coating is then baked on at high temperatures, creating a long-lasting, glossy finish. Because powder coating doesn’t involve the use of any solvents, the result is a deeply pigmented color with no streaking or lines from thinned paint. 

How long does powder coating last?

Powder coating will give you first-class protection of your product and only needs a little soap and water in order to keep it clean. Powder coating finishes can last up to 20 years depending on the exposure to UV light and outdoor environment. One of the benefits of using powder coating is that you can continue to add additional layers of coating on top of previous layers, reinforcing strength and durability with increased edge coverage and transfer efficiency. VistaView by Aldora is a certified powder coater which means our team has been trained to the highest standards to ensure the coating is applied properly to ensure maximum longevity and performance of our product.

What are the benefits of powder coating?

Long-lasting finishes

While there are other options for preserving the integrity of bare steel or aluminum, no method of painting metal is better than powder coating, which can last up to 10 years. It’s one of the most durable finishes available for metal. The coating provides a thick film layer which makes it superior to scratching and abrasion resistance. Powder coating will meet or exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2604 and 2605 in a single coat.

Protect frames and prevent rust

Powder coating helps protect metal frames and prevent rust. Steel and other metals rust over time with exposure to oxygen and moisture. However, powder coating creates a protective barrier to help prevent rust and other quality concerns. This is especially important in climates with harsh weather conditions, but powder coating adds value in nearly every environment.

Match custom designs

One of the tremendous benefits of powder coating is the ability to match almost any color specification, allowing for superior design flexibility. At VistaView by Aldora, we offer three primary colors: Bermuda Bronze, Aldora White, and Flat Black, with custom color matching options available. Powder coating also helps colors stay bright and vibrant longer. 

End-to-end glass fabrication

At VistaView by Aldora, we’re proud to be an all-in-one glass fabricator, which means we don’t rely on third-party manufactures, allowing us to get your products delivered in a fraction of the time. Our flatbed trucks deliver your residential products straight to the job site and offload it with a Moffett forklift and stage the materials in front of the openings. Experience superior quality and responsive service with VistaView by Aldora.

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