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Pilkington OptiShower™: The Clear Solution for Protective Coating

Glass corrosion in shower enclosures is a common issue. Over time, exposure to water, heat and humidity can cause the surface of glass to build up limescale deposits and corrode. This results in reduced transparency and compromised aesthetics. However, OptiShower, now available from Aldora, provides a clear-cut solution.

What is OptiShower Coated Glass?

OptiShower is the best shower glass coating for timeless clarity and functional integrity. It’s a durable, on-line coated clear float glass designed to prevent surface corrosion even when exposed to water, moisture and humidity. Specifically, this glass coating is pyrolytic, meaning it’s applied directly onto the glass during the float process. This ensures long-lasting durability and a protective barrier that reduces glass corrosion.

Due to its high abrasion resistance, pyrolytic coating does not deteriorate during the glass lifetime, retaining its protective properties for years to come

Benefits of OptiShower

OptiShower offers numerous benefits to help ensure you can provide customers with the highest quality for your shower install. Benefits include:
• Limit surface corrosion and maintains clarity over time and heavy usage.
• Provide long-lasting durability with a lifetime warranty.
• Adhere well to subsequent water-repellent treatments, increasing their durability.
• Easy maintenance due to its durable pyrolytic shower glass coating.
• Available in 3/8” and 1/2” polished, clear and Optiwhite™.

Left: Limescale buildup. Right: OptiShower application remains clear.

Convenient Solutions from Aldora

Committed to providing you with quality products, all seven Aldora branches offer OptiShower, making it an accessible solution for your bathroom and shower projects, as well as other high-humidity environments, including maritime and naval industries. Additionally, OptiShower is price-competitive compared to many post-tempering products, making it more affordable than comparable glass options. You can also combine this coated glass with the design and finishes of Peterson Shower Doors by Aldora to provide high-quality projects.

Customizable Shower Glass Coating

OptiShower water-repellent coating for shower glass takes your projects to the next level of professionalism and quality. It’s available in jumbo sizes and an acid-edged version, making it perfect for different shower enclosure designs. Applications include shower cubicles, shower enclosures and wall coverings around the bathtub.

In addition, it’s easy to process using standard techniques. It can be toughened, curved, laminated and screen printed on the coated side. It’s also suitable for additional treatments to improve limescale protection and make cleaning easier.

Speak With a Glass Expert

With the best shower glass protective coating that provides long-lasting corrosion resistance, OptiShower allows for top-quality projects. Fill out the form below or call us at 305.720.2781 to learn more about our new shower glass offerings.


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