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Bring the Spa Home with a Custom Steam Shower

You don’t need to travel to the spa to have the ultimate relaxing experience. Bring tranquility to your home with a custom steam shower from Peterson Shower Doors by Aldora. With a variety of benefits, steam showers are understandably gaining popularity for their potential to boost overall health. It’s worth exploring whether a mood-boosting steam shower could be the perfect investment for your home and well-being.

How Do Steam Shower Systems Work?

Steam is created by a generator that boils water. Steam shower systems offer user-friendly control panels that allow you to decide how much steam travels into your enclosed shower space. Floor-to-ceiling shower doors keep the steam enclosed in the structure for an optimal experience for all. Your installer can help you decide which materials to use for the best results with steam shower systems and unique design specs. Certain materials retain heat better than others, allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

What Should I Know Before Installing a Steam Shower?

It’s critical to work with a trustworthy manufacturer and installer for your steam shower project. There are a variety of details to ensure your shower works as intended—including controls, plumbing, proper enclosure, and appropriate materials. Incorrectly installed steam shower systems can allow condensation to leave the enclosure, escaping to the rest of the bathroom and potentially causing mold or ruining furniture items. Using the wrong materials could also result in a subpar experience with less heat or steam retention.

What are the Benefits of a Steam Shower?

There are far-reaching advantages to regularly using steam in your shower. You can reap the benefits easily with occasional, short sessions from the convenience of your existing shower space. Typically ranging from 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat and condensation from steam showers can help your mind and body in a multitude of ways.

The benefits of a steam shower include:

  • Reduce stress: Improve your mental well-being and enjoy relaxation.
  • Improve skin: Boost your skin’s appearance by opening your pores.
  • Clear sinuses: Find quick relief for nasal congestion.
  • Loosen muscles: Lessen soreness after a long day or workout.
  • Detox your body: Release irritants naturally by sweating

If you have certain health conditions, like low blood pressure or stroke history, you should talk to your doctor before installing and using a steam shower.

What’s the Difference between a Steam Shower and a Sauna?

Steam showers provide a higher level of humidity than saunas. Traditional saunas are heated with dry rocks, while steam showers are heated with boiling water from generators. With the added humidity, steam showers can feel more intense than saunas. The moisture from steam showers is ideal for clients seeking benefits for their skin and sinuses. Steam showers serve a dual purpose while saunas serve a singular purpose, taking up additional space and funds. Consider steam shower systems if you’re seeking moisture-based heat, steam-related benefits, and a convenient bathroom location.

Residential home in South Florida.

How Can I Customize my Steam Shower?

You can give your residential steam shower a unique look. To achieve the full relaxation effect, your steam shower should match the aesthetic of your existing bathroom space—providing you with an overall calming environment. Peterson offers many designs, hardware types, colors, materials and finishes to provide you with the perfect residential steam shower. Steam showers can be built based on your shower type, including framed, frameless and other styles.

Partner with Aldora for your Custom Shower Project

Achieve your dream custom steam shower with help from the experts at Peterson. Our state-of- the-art products will transform your space into a luxurious oasis.


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