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Prepare for Hurricanes with Impact-Resistant Door and Window Glass

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Hurricanes cost billions of dollars in property losses, while an average of 10 tropical storms develop over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico each year.

While hurricanes are inevitable, damage is not. As architects design and general contractors build properties, they can help minimize the risk of property damage with hurricane protection for doors, windows and storefronts.

The Cost of Not Being Prepared

If precautions are not taken to strengthen glass and seal doors and windows, properties can suffer damage through flooding and broken glass. This leads to interior property damage to floors, furniture, merchandise, equipment, electronics and more. In 2022, Hurricane Ian was recorded as one of the most expensive hurricanes on record in Florida and the Carolinas, with an estimated $77 billion in damages.

There’s also a risk of injuries caused by broken glass during the storm or in the cleanup process. Plus, business owners may lose revenue because of unplanned downtime. Building with doors and windows that use impact glass saves time and money by protecting against hurricane damage.

Instant Protection with Impact Windows and Doors

Impact glass for doors and windows offers protection the moment they’re installed. No additional work is necessary when a storm rolls in, so customers have more time to deal with other matters. Plus, heavy-duty hurricane glass is designed to last so protection continues for decades. These windows and doors undergo thorough testing for high-speed winds and flying debris, ensuring they can withstand conditions and meet certification standards as hurricane impact products.

For window walls, Aldora’s FS-300 front-glazed storefront system is the best front set, impact storefront system on the market. This product boasts higher design pressures, larger panel sizes, and easier assembly. With a maximum panel size of 60″ x 120,” it is specifically designed as a non-weep sealed system, ensuring its resilience against hurricane conditions.

Aldora’s Summit doors provide superior protection against high-impact forces. When you need an impact door with options, the K2 Summit Outswing has you covered and is built to withstand high pressures. Additionally, the Summit Plus doors can be built in sizes up to 12 feet, perfect for a variety of building applications.

Other options include:

  • Residential 3 point latch lever
  • Insulated laminated glazing
  • Butt hinges or continuous gear hinges
  • Multiple panic options, including a 10″ bottom rail

Please Customers with Long-term Value

Fewer repairs and less frequent replacement over time lead to long-term cost savings for your customers. Plus, in addition to protecting property and merchandise from hurricanes, they also discourage break-ins thanks to tough, thick glass that’s designed to survive impact.

Why Aldora for Hurricane-resistant Doors and Windows?

Aldora specializes in impact-resistant glass with rigorous projectile testing to ensure it meets the challenge of flying debris. Plus, pre-glazing for high-quality sealing offers the added benefits of easing tight construction schedules, overcrowded job sites and field labor shortages—making your job safer and easier.

Become Hurricane-Ready with Aldora Today

Aldora has strategic locations in hurricane-prone areas for short lead times. Find convenient locations in Charleston, North Carolina; Miami, Florida; Coral Springs, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and Austell, Georgia. An experienced team with impact expertise is ready to help make your next project ready for hurricane season.


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