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Glass Shower Enclosures to Inspire Your Next Project

If you’ve looked at shower designs lately, you’ll notice some of the biggest trends remain popular. These include modern, spa-like designs with clear glass and statement-making hardware. Glass shower enclosures have literally opened up a variety of options for design while also working for different project specs and budgets. See below for some inspiration and then check out how Peterson Shower Doors by Aldora deliver superior quality no matter which design you choose for your next project.  

Modern Designs Inspired by Nature

55 percent of experts who responded to a survey (including designers, manufacturers, contractors, and architects) say that modern, contemporary design styles with an organic, natural influence are still going strong in bathrooms. That means clean, sleek lines with wood-grain marbles or lighter wood tones like maple and white oak. Popular color choices are also inspired by nature including warm brown tones or pops of saturated, earthy tones like greens and dark tones like raisin, purples, and blues.  

To show off those nature-inspired tones and create a feeling of calm, choose frameless, clear glass panels. Clear glass, rather than frosted or smoked, remains a top choice because it offers sleek visual appeal and can make even a small space feel large. A heavy glass shower door is the most customizable option. Aldora can create a full heavy glass shower enclosure designed to stretch across custom spaces. Or if your closure has unique angles, consider our Fineline series.  

Spa-like Aesthetics and Features 

The trend to transform bathrooms, and showers in particular, to be more like a spa continues to gain steam – figuratively and literally. Aldora products bring that spa-like experience to your next project. Steam showers are just one example of the kinds of features being installed in luxury builds. Glass shower doors can make a shower and entire bathroom feel more spacious and tranquil. For limited spaces and budgets, consider installing more standard doors, like framed or semi-frameless, and instead adding features like multiple shower heads, including a rain shower, handheld device and wall-mount version, towel heaters and heated floors to create the ultimate relaxation. Framed glass shower doors create additional stability and are fully watertight. Semi-frameless shower doors provide a frameless-feel while offering framed stability and cost-savings.  

Hardware That Makes a Statement 

In line with the spa-like trend, the more luxurious the shower hardware, the better. Installing a glass barn door shower is an easy way to save on space and make a statement. Make sure the hardware you select is built to last, like our Murano Shower Hardware which provides long-lasting sliding rollers to pair with any custom barn door. If budgets are limited, consider a framed by-pass tub and shower door enclosure from the Peterson Camero Series.  

Don’t forget hinges, clips, brackets, handles and towel bars too. Make a large walk-in shower feel even more luxurious by putting the towel rack inside the shower. The steam makes the towels warm and cozy, and users don’t have to step out of the shower to dry off.  

Custom Heavy Glass Shower

Enjoy Shorter Lead Times and Superior Quality with Aldora Products 

From custom-luxury to cost-conscious projects, our range of shower doors and hardware are designed for easy ordering and install, consistent turnaround times and quality performance. Because Aldora is an end-to-end glass fabricator, you can anticipate your shower products being delivered on-time and on-budget. We can also do bulk orders and deliver to job sites up and down the East Coast from one of our seven locations. 

We Can Help You Find the Best Glass Shower Enclosures for Any Project  

While trends may come and go, glass offers sleek visual appeal in any shower and makes even a small space feel large. It also provides a lot of flexibility to showcase decorative tiles, stones or hardware. Contact our experts today to see your inspiration become reality.  


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